CoP McDonald Jacobs (Ag) says traffic gridlock eased following protests

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CoP McDonald Jacobs (Ag) says traffic gridlock eased following protests

“The road is now cleared and traffick is moving smoothly once again.”

This from Acting Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob.

Speaking with the Power Breakfast Show on Power 102 Digital this morning, the Acting CoP said that while they had information that there may have been a disturbance today, it was well planned and cordinated.

He revealed that the protestors would have had help from truck drivers and others.

Reports indicate that protests began earlier then 5 am today, Monday 29 August 2022.

Commissioner McDonald stated that that he heard the President of the Scrap Iron Delers Association Alan Fergeson confirm via an interview this morning that the scrap iron dealers were connected with the protests.

Scrap iron workers have promised to escalate ongoing protest action following Government’s decision to ban scrap iron exports for a period of six months.

Traffic was backed up from Claxton Bay to Corinth Flyover with hundreds trapped in a gridlock.

Reports state that scrap iron workers allegedly blocked the northbound carriageway of the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway, this morning, triggering the massive traffic gridlock.

Hundreds of motorists on their way work and to the Piarco International Airport were caught in the gridlock.

The protesters dumped a huge mound of mud on the highway, lighting tyres and causing a crawl of single-lane traffic.