Cop injured after falling into cesspit during chase

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Cop injured after falling into cesspit during chase

A police officer escaped serious injuries last night, after he fell into a cesspit while chasing a suspect in the Arima area.

The police were on a roving exercise in Pinto as part of “Operation SOCA” between 8 pm to 11 pm, when around 8:45 pm, officers began pursuing a suspect who was wanted for several robberies in the Northern Division.

They chased the suspect to Mt. Zion Road, opposite Mahabir Lane, in a bushy area and it was at that time that PC Hewitt stepped on a piece of galvanize and fell into a cesspit under construction, approximately eight feet deep.

He was assisted by his colleagues and taken to the Arima Health Facility.

The officer suffered soft tissue injuries to his left knee, left hand and left side of his face.

Hewitt was treated and discharged this morning.