CoP Gary Griffith Says He Never Had A Honeymoon Period.

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith says he never had a honeymoon period in the leadership position and he is more than willing to show President of the Down Town Owners and Merchants Association, Gregory Aboud, the 50 major policies and initiatives ignited by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service over the last 10 months, which have contributed to ensuring that situations have not worsened.

Commissioner Griffith made the remark in a media release in relation to comments made by the DOMA Head, who stated his ‘anxiety with the lack of action’ in relation to homicides and ‘the honeymoon period ending.’

Commissioner Griffith says Mr. Aboud is expressing his opinion and frustration and rightly so, however, to try to blame others for not doing more, can be seen as clouded judgment, given that the TTPS has been doing more in the last 10 months than ever before.

In a media release this afternoon the TTPS said for the period August 17th, 2017 to July 9th, 2018 there were 488 homicides, in comparison to 442 homicides from August 17th, 2018 to July 7th, 2019 representing 46 less, which is a nine percent decrease in the number of homicides.

It said this was due to the introduction of a number of strategies and had this not been done, the homicide rate would have been much higher.

The release stated that there was also a five percent reduction in violent crime since Commissioner Griffith took office.