COP Gary Griffith “I would not treat my dog that way”

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COP Gary Griffith “I would not treat my dog that way”

Pastor Glen Awong founder of the Transformed Life Ministry Rehabilitation Centre is demanding an apology from Police Commissioner Gary Griffith for the way he and staff were treated by Police during the raid and rescue of 69 people early Tuesday morning in Arouca.

He has also invited COP Griffith to meet with him so he can show the work of the rehabilitation center for drug addicted and mentally challenged people. The Pastor said: “When you try to paint a man in black, remember a brush has two sides”.

Meanwhile Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has no intention of apologizing and is standing by his word instead saying that he will pray for the pastor:

“I do not apologise for stating facts. If the truth hurts, that is their problem. Not mine. If they believe that being a child of God is to have persons placed in cages and treated in a manner that I would not treat my dogs, then I would indeed pray for them. “I should apologise for rescuing law-abiding citizens from imprisonment? Good one. The 69 citizens are thankful for what I have done. Their view is what matters”.