CoP and TTPS investigate damaged TSTT lines

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CoP and TTPS investigate damaged TSTT lines

Commissioner of Police (Ag) Mc Donald Jacob, and Officers of the San Fernando Criminal Investigations Department, Crime Scene Investigators and officers of the Special Branch conducted investigations into damaged Fibre-Optic and Copper cables at Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago(TSTT) Sunday, after receiving reports of disruption of cable installations.

According to reports at 12.23 am on Sunday TSTT received a cable alarm from its Network Operations Centre at No 1 Edward Street.

The alarm highlighted a disruption to the cable installation from the TSTT Thompson Exchange, which affected the distribution of telecommunications and internet services in the Southern and South Western parts of Trinidad.

Technicians at TSTT confirmed that both Fibre -Optic and Copper cables were damaged at the Eastern side of the Cross Crossing Bridge.

The Commissioner of Police (Ag) Mc Donald Jacob along with Police Officers from the San Fernando Criminal Investigation Department, and Crime Scene Investigators visited the scene and conducted interviews, as the investigation into this matter continues.

Anyone with information or in need of assistance can call 999, 555 or 800- TIPS.