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Conrad Enil ” Public sector reform is essential for increased productivity and competitiveness “

Conrad Enil identifies public sector reform as critical for higher productivity. He says the energy sector in particular has a very complex value chain, where several points of leakage plagues the system in it’s present configuration. He identified challenges in the level of training and expertise when one compares the current structure and the absence of mechanisms and processes for changing the system to a more productive, efficient and competitive approach. He said many in the system do not want to change the stated quo, in addition to the political directorate also not being as assertive as they should be to facilitate change.

Folade Motota of WINAD added that part of the challenge is the issue when a Political manifesto becomes public policy in the absence of meaningful consultation. She said the question is budget after budget we should be asking if there is any real evidence that the allocation ends up being to the benefit of the country as a whole. She added that national issues are taken to the party for decisions that affect the entire country. She however said that we in Trinidad and Tobago already have significant systems and structures in place to facilitate consultation and consensus on national issues that affect everyone.

Ravi Suryadevara suggested that a wider level of national participation in the decision making process must be the way forward in significant issues of national importance like the national budget.

The are participating in Power 102’s Budget panel discussion on budget 2020.