Connectivity fully restored for Flow Trinidad customers

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Connectivity fully restored for Flow Trinidad customers

Flow Trinidad has restored full connectivity for customers who may have been experiencing issues with their broadband services earlier today.

In a statement from Flow’s Communications Manager, Yolande Agarde-Simmons, this issue also impacted other markets throughout the South Caribbean including Barbados, Dominica, St. Lucia, St Vincent and Grenada.

In Trinidad specifically, the issue was first logged just after 8:00am local time on Monday, December 7th.

She said the root cause of the issue was identified as a loss of power on a link in Curacao that provides critical capacity for local internet traffic.

As a result, customers in Trinidad experienced loss of or degraded services such as slower internet speeds and intermittent buffering when using broadband services.

“Our engineers worked to restore full connectivity and we also leveraged our resources across the Caribbean to ensure reliable connections were re-established and internet traffic is once again stable.
As of 11:00am local time on Monday, December 7th, power has been restored to all of Trinidad’s links, however, congestion on the network may occur as other markets come back online.

Flow apologised for the inconvenience caused and thankedcustomers and the general public for their patience and understanding.
“Rest assured, we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure that our customers remain connected to the things that matter most.”