Congress of the People says government decimating education

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Congress of the People says government decimating education

Government is decimating education to the detriment of the youth and seems bent on moving us further along the chain of a failed state.

In a release earlier today, the Congress of the People said the believed that education should be the bedrock of our existence and by education we refer to the new and emerging innovations that are daily becoming the norm in any society. We have taken note that institutions are either being left to run down, are not being funded properly or simply being shut down, are we the people really important?

A cursory glance will highlight the UTT Campuses and the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute to name a few. Added to which we now have a reversal of fortunes with those fifty years and over now unable to access the GATE program, our question is, are those individuals no longer considered as potential positive contributors to our society?

As if to add to the already troubling situation we now find ourselves with new matrices for admission, some of which we find mind-boggling, a simple one would be why anyone earning in excess of thirty thousand dollars a month should need funding at all?!

If we are to add to this the wanton frivolous spending, the grandiose redevelopment plans from Port of Spain to Toco, we must ask ourselves: “Are we the people really important?” Or is it that the big ticket, potentially corrupt projects will continue to be the main focus of this government.

It’s time that as a people we begin the process to force this present government and any future government to fully consult with we the people before taking such actions.

The time is not later. This is not about politics anymore. It’s about our future and the future of our children and their generations which are to follow.

John Wooden states: “The greatest failure of all is the failure to act when action is needed”. Let us not be labelled as failures.