Committee appointed to choose buyer for Refinery


Committee appointed to choose buyer for Refinery

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance Vishnu Dhanpaul will head a ten-member committee to evaluate at least 25 bids for the sale or lease of the Guaracara Refinery at Pointe a Pierre.

The Guaracara Evaluation Committee, which has the sole responsibility for the selection of the bidder, includes:

  • Vishnu Dhanpaul (Chairman)
  • Anthony Chan Tack
  • Claire Gomez-Miller
  • Joseph Remy
  • Ian Welsh
  • Selwyn Lashley
  • Dale McLeod
  • Sandra Fraser
  • Sahid Hosein and
  • Terrance Bharath.

The committee will not require approval from the Board of Directors from TPHL to approve a bidder. This means that members of the Board will not be liable for any decisions or actions adopted by the committee; they will remain an independent body.

The 25 interested parties will be invited to view the refinery’s data room. According to Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley, the interested buyer must have experience in operating a refinery as they would need to restart it. The interested buyer would also need to offer an attractive package and proof that they are able to cover the financial burden of operating a refinery.

Over 70 proposals were submitted following the Government’s advertisement for the sale of the Guaracara refinery in January. The search process is expected to be completed by the end of August.