Cocorite man arrested after assaulting ex-girlfriend

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Cocorite man arrested after assaulting ex-girlfriend

A Cocorite man has been arrested for assaulting and robbing his former girlfriend.

Thirty-three-year-old Cyrano Glenn was detained by PC Hartman of the St. James Police Station, on October 13th 2020, after the incident.

The accused is said to have blocked the road in the vicinity of Long Circular Mall, St. James, preventing the taxi in which his ex- girlfriend was travelling from passing.

He then opened the door of the taxi and physically assaulted the woman, beating her about the head and face.

He also relieved her of her mobile phone, handbag and a quantity of cash. Glenn was later arrested and formally charged for the offence of robbery with violence.

The Gender Based Violence Unit (GBVU) has since reached out to the Maraval Resident.

The GBVU will offer support, counselling and assistance to her.