Cocaine Worth over $114 Million Seized by CBP in Caribbean Sea


Cocaine Worth over $114 Million Seized by CBP in Caribbean Sea

The United States Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agency says its crew assigned to the National Air Security Operations Center-Jacksonville, Florida recently interdicted a “cocaine-filled go-fast style vessel” in the Caribbean Sea.

CBP said that on Thursday the cocaine with an estimated wholesale value of US$114.6 million was found by the crew that located and tracked the vessel as they carried out maritime patrols.

The AMO P-3 crew maintained the initial radar contact of the target of interest, a 45-foot long, blue, open hull go-fast with four outboard engines. Five individuals could be seen onboard removing a tarp that covered a portion of the vessel. The crew provided the updated location of the vessel to partner agencies.

After spotting the aircraft and vessel, the individuals on board the go-fast began dumping the suspected contraband into the sea. The go-fast departed the area after dumping over 80 bales of contraband, later identified as cocaine.

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CBP said the Panamanian Navy interdicted the go-fast and took five Colombians into custody. In addition, 8,791 pounds of cocaine was recovered from the scene, at an estimated wholesale value of $114.6 million.

In Fiscal Year 2018, AMO enforcement actions resulted in the approximate seizure or disruption of 283,503 pounds of cocaine; 301,553 pounds of marijuana; 180,444 pounds of methamphetamine; 872 weapons and $34.2 million. AMO enforcement actions also facilitated 2,373 arrests and 47,744 apprehensions of illegal aliens.