CNC3 claims Legore is still host of Morning Brew

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CNC3 claims Legore is still host of Morning Brew

Guardian Media Limited (GML) has issued a statement in light of the rumours surrounding the job status of The Morning Brew host Natalee Legore.

This follows social media claims that Legore was fired after statements made regarding the United National Congress, who have since demanded an apology from the Jamaican born host.

GML’s statement is as follows:

On the morning of Thursday January 7th a lively discussion took place between Morning Brew hosts Natalee Legore and Akash Samaroo relating to the insurrection on Capitol Hill involving Trump supporters.

The hosts had a very robust discussion during which they aired very strong differing views on the matter.

That is not unusual.

Differences of opinion are normal even when you are hosting a programme together.

While there was a very passionate exchange of ideas there was no acrimony involved.

What took place was reflective of the healthy debate that occurs when people have strong but differing views on an issue.

Unfortunately, the discussion has been blown out of proportion by supporters on both sides of the political divide with the narrative being spread that Natalee Legore has been fired by CNC3.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ms. Legore remains in the employ of Guardian Media and continues to be one of the hosts of the Morning Brew.

However, reports reaching izzso from sources close to both parties, Ms Legore had tendered her resignation in December 2020 and was expected to stay until the end of January 2021. But, talks were taking place.