CMO said he was aware of arrival of Pfizer vaccines from US

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CMO said he was aware of arrival of Pfizer vaccines from US

Chief Medical Officer, Roshan Parasram has confirmed that he was aware of the arrival of Pfizer vaccines from the United States.

Speaking at Monday’s media briefing, he said the National Security Ministry was in contact with “their counterpart agency in the US and therefore received a gift”.
The gift includes 80 vials of Pfizer, which is worth 400 doses.

“We were alerted as the Ministry of Health for two things – the importation of vaccines as well as the regulation of vaccines. So customs would have alerted us when it was actually in the airport, our principal pharmacist would have actually gone in physically and took control of the vaccines.”

He said the ministry is awaiting official documentation including an invoice. “It will be considered by the drug advisory committee and then we can say whether it is a vaccine that can be utilised in TT.

“Once those documents come to us, we review it and we see that it’s satisfactory, then the vaccines will be handed over to National Security for their use.”