CMO, banker and soca king among list of Republic Day awardees

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CMO, banker and soca king among list of Republic Day awardees

This country’s highest honor – the Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago will be awarded this year to Chief Medical Officer, Dr Roshan Parasram and banker and Professor, Sterling Frost.

Both men are being awarded for their distinguished and outstanding service to the country.

The list of awardees to mark T&T’s 46th anniversary of becoming a Republic was issued last night by President’s House and the recipients will be presented with their awards today by the President at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) in Port-of-Spain.

This will be the first full length award function since 2019.

President’s House stated, “Dr Roshan Parasram served his country with distinction during the uncertainty and disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As Chief Medical Officer, he stewarded the nation through highs and lows, his unflappable demeanour and professional approach providing much-needed calm amidst the COVID-19 storm. He quickly became a household name as he tirelessly provided updates and critical information, engaging the media and public daily. He has brought his profession to new heights and given unwavering, distinguished and outstanding service to Trinidad and Tobago.”

Other members of the Ministry of Health’s Covid-19 team are also set to receive top honours in this year’s Republic Day awards.

The Chaconia Medal (Gold) for Long and Meritorious Service to promote national welfare or strengthen community spirit will be presented to Health officials: Dr Avery Hinds (Technical Director, Epidemiology Division), Dr Michelle Trotman (Co-ordinator and Health Service Lecturer, UTT) and Principal Medical officer Dr Maryam Abdool-Richards and Professor Christine Carrington (Professor of Molecular Genetics and Virology).

Frost won the ORTT for his contribution in the spheres of Banking, Education and Community Service.

Soca icon Machel Montano and PNM Councillor Terry Rondon are among awardees receiving the Hummingbird Medal (Gold).
Awardees in the fields of entertainment, cultural development and the arts include Sedley “Penguin” Joseph (posthumously), Neil “Iwer” George, Mark “Contender” John and Joseph La Placelière (Mighty Lingo).

Jereem “The Dream” Richards and cyclist Nicholas Paul are among the list of athletic awardees, while three awards for gallantry will go to security officer Evans Hinds, student Gregg Mannette and boat engineer Otis Morris (posthumously) for saving the lives of other persons.

The Hummingbird Medal (Bronze) is being awarded to them.

Here is the full list of awards and recipients:
The Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago for Distinguished and Outstanding Service to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

1. Dr Roshan Parasram—Chief Medical Offi­cer­—in the sphere of public health

2. Prof Sterling Frost—banker—In the spheres of banking, education and community service.

Chaconia Medal Gold

1. Balliram Maharaj—businessman—business and community service

2. Prof Betty McDonald—head, Professional Development Unit—in the sphere of education

3. Ramdeo Boondoo—farmer—in the sphere of agriculture

4. Dr Avery Hinds—technical director, Epidemiology Division—in the sphere of leadership in public health

5. Dr Michelle Trotman—national Covid-19 co-ordinator and health service lecturer, UTT—in the sphere of leadership in public health

6. Dr Maryam Abdool-Richards—Principal Medical Officer—in the sphere of leadership in public health service

7. Prof Christine Carrington—professor of molecular genetics and virology—in the spheres of leadership in molecular genetics and virology.

Chaconia Medal Silver

1. Professor emeritus Gordon Rohlehr—in the spheres of literature, culture, history and education

2. Jarrette Narine—retired politician—public service

3. Joycelyn Hackshaw—retired registered nurse—health care and public service

4. Victor Edwards—artistic director and playwright—culture and education

5. Hazel Franco—dance co-ordinator—performing arts

6. Rudylynn Roberts-De Four—architect—conservation and preservation

7. Claire Gittens—social worker—social work.

Chaconia Medal Bronze

1. Professor emeritus Edgar Julian Duncan—professor—education and research.

Humming Bird Medal Gold

1. Dr Alfredo Walke—forensic pathologist—in the sphere of medicine

2. Prof Kit Fai Pun—engineering education

3. Martin Terry Rondon—councillor—community service

4. Clement Lue Yat—hair stylist—hair styling

5. Dr Jerome Teelucksingh—lecturer—education and volunteerism

6. Mr Lenny Kumar—wireline operator and cultural ambasador—culture

7. Machel Montano—entertainer, entrepreneur/philanthropist—culture

8. Michael Phillips—managing director—sport

9. Dr Primnath Gooptar—part-time lecturer—­education

10. Nicholas Paul—athlete—sport (cycling)

11. Jereem “The Dream” Richards—professional athlete/sprinter—sport (sprint)

12. Mr Machel Cedenio—athlete—sport (track)

13. Asa Guevara—athlete—sport (track)

14. Dwight St Hillaire—athlete—sport (track)

15. Kashief King—athlete—sport (track)

16. Che Lara—athlete—sport (track).

Humming Bird Medal Silver

1. Marilyn Gordon—sport, education and politics

2. Dr Marina Salandy Brown—president, Bocas Lit Fest—arts and literacy

3. Walid Baksh—retired teacher—community service, culture and education

4. Anthony Lalacksingh—retired assistant manager—sport (cricket)

5. Charmaine A Archer—retired sport co-ordinator­—sport (netball)

6. Pundit Gurudutt Haresh Maharaj—pundit, Hindu spiritual priest—culture, religion and spirituality

7. Mark John (Contender)—calypsonian—in the sphere of cultural development.

8. Neil (Iwer) George—entertainer—in the sphere of entertainment

9. Sedley Joseph (Penguin) (posthumously)—calypsonian, cultural administrator/educator—in the spheres of calypso/arts, cultural administration.

10. Ulric Haynes—retired—in the sphere of sport

11. Vanessa Forde—retired teacher—in the sphere of culture.

12. Joseph Vautor La Placelière (Mighty Lingo)—handicraft worker and part-time entertainer— in the sphere of culture

13. Kion Benjamin—athlete—in the sphere of sport (track)

14. Eric Harrison Jr—athlete—in the sphere of sport

15. Mr Jerod Elcock —athlete—in the sphere of sport (track)

16. Akanni Hislop—athlete—in the sphere of sport

17. Kyle Greaux—athlete—in the sphere of sport (track).

Humming Bird Medal Bronze

1. Evans Hinds—security officer—in the sphere of gallantry

2. Master Gregg Mannette—secondary school student—in the sphere of gallantry

3. Otis Morrison (posthumously)—boat engineer— in the sphere of gallantry

4. Noris Ferguson—pensioner—in the sphere of sport.

Public Service Medal of Merit Gold

1. Rudolph Gordon (retired)—teacher/principal—in the sphere of education and community work

2. Esme Raphael—director—in the sphere of co-operative and credit union development

3. Major General Kenrick Maharaj (retired)—Chief of Defence Staff—in the sphere of defence and national security

4. Major General Rodney Smart (retired)—chief executive officer, Office of National Disaster Preparedness and Management—in the spheres of defence and security

5. Rear Admiral Hayden Pritchard (retired)—consultant—in the spheres of defence and national security.

Public Service Medal of Merit Silver

1. Sandra Tamby-Russell—special education teacher/ consultant—in the spheres of education and rehabilitation training

2. Vel Lewis—retired permanent secretary—in the spheres of public service/heritage preservation.

Medal for the Development of Women Gold

1. Dr Gabrielle Hosein—senior lecturer, Institute for Gender and Advocacy and Development Studies, University of The West Indies, St Augustine—in the sphere of public education

2. Gia Gaspard-Taylor—president of the Network of Rural Women Producers of Trinidad and Tobago—in the spheres of public service.