Clinic set up at Arima General Hospital to assist persons with “Long Covid”

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Clinic set up at Arima General Hospital to assist persons with “Long Covid”

Government has established a clinic at the Arima General Hospital to assist persons dealing with “Long Covid”.

The World Health Organization said “Long Covid” or Post Covid Condition is where persons continue to experience certain symptoms after recovering from COVID-19.

Medical Director of the Arima General Hospital, Dr. Ravi Lala, explained during Saturday’s media briefing that symptoms of ‘Long Covid’ may vary depending on the severity of the infection experienced.
He said the Executive Wellness Clinic serves as a one stop solution shop, where patients can come within one day and access a wide range of services.

Dr Lala said: “Referral into the clinic comes via several methods. Within our own hospital systems, we self-refer patients to our clinic. Secondly, our forms for admission into the clinic have been widely distributed throughout our Regional Health Authorities. Other members of staff within our system could refer via the form. Patients could take the form, come to Arima General and deposit the form at the CSR’s desk in our lobby and the form then gets processed.”

He pointed out that the clinic has seen over 500 visits, to date.

For more information, interested persons can email the clinic at [email protected]