Cleanup operations underway following oil spill in Pleasantville

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Cleanup operations underway following oil spill in Pleasantville

The Heritage Petroleum Company is currently involved in a clean-up operation at Flamingo Crescent, Pleasantville following an oil spill that occurred this morning.

According to a post of the San Fernado City Corporation’s Facebook page, the source of the spill was identified as a leak in the pipeline managed by Heritage.

The statement noted that San Fernando Mayor Robert Parris and the San Fernando Disaster Management Unit (SDMU) coordinated with Heritage’s on-site communications officer to provide more detailed information about the spill’s extent and the measures being taken.

It noted further that Heritage’s team initiated containment protocols to prevent further spread of the oil and cleanup operations commenced immediately, with specialised equipment and personnel deployed to the affected area.

The spill’s impact on the local environment, including soil and waterways, is currently being evaluated.

While no immediate threats to public health have been reported, the SDMU said precautionary measures are being taken to ensure community safety.