Citizens Warned About The Evolving Nature Of Covid-19

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Citizens Warned About The Evolving Nature Of Covid-19

The evolving nature of the Covid-19 virus points the need for the population of Trinidad and Tobago to take note of the seriousness of the pandemic.

The caution comes from Geneticist Nicole Ramlachan while speaking on the Power Breakfast Show on Power 102 Digital on Thursday.

Ms Ramlachan said the virus has shown its ability to mutate in a short period of time and spread faster.

In light of this development, Ms Ramlachan cited the benefits of having more people being vaccinated against the virus.

Ms Ramlachan warned its difficult to give a timeline as to when the present pandemic should come to an end adding getting vaccination levels up against the virus is critical.

Ms Ramlachan also suggested more work in the area of education and awareness of Covid-19 can be done in the communities and rural areas in the fight against the pandemic.