Citizens urged to conserve water as WASA considers rate increase

Citizens should continue to conserve water regardless of the amount of rainfall.

Chief Executive Officer of WASA Allan Poon King says the WASA reservoirs are still not up to maximum levels, adding that the water restrictions implemented earlier this year is still enforced. He said the water production has increased at some plants but reduced in others as a way to utilize the overall water production for citizens.

Mr Poon King revealed that the company was in the process of submitting the relevant information to the Regulated Industries Commission, the body responsible for assessing the rates charged by public utilities. He explained that the documentation is in the process of being prepared and despite some delays, should be delivered to the RIC this month.

Meanwhile, speaking with News Power Now, Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte said that the assessment of WASA’s current rates is the responsibility of the RIC and as such, it would be unfair for him to comment on the issue of whether or not there should in fact be an increase. However, he did reveal that WASA’s income is currently way below what is needed for its operations. This, he said, affects the planning and implementation of projects to improve the service throughout the country. He explained that at current levels, the Government subsidizes WASA’s operations to the tune of almost 2 billion dollars. However, Minister Le Hunte was quick to add that an increase in WASA’s annual income will not in itself address all the issues facing the organization.