Christopher now official – new CoP gets letters of appointment

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Christopher now official – new CoP gets letters of appointment

This country’s first woman Police Commissioner, Erla Harewood-Christopher, has officially been given her letter of appointment by the Police Service Commission.

In a media release on Friday, the Police Service Commission (PSC) officially promoted Harewood-Christopher with effect from February 3rd.

Christopher emerged as the top candidate of a list of 14 shortlisted during the recruitment process. The post of Police Commissioner is a three-year contractual post. The media release did not specify Harewood-Christopher’s tenure.

Christopher is due to retire in May, as mandated by law, when she reaches the age of 60. During the Parliament debate on her appointment, the Prime Minister said when the issue of her retirement arises, Cabinet will deal with it.

Dr Rowley said then: “There will be a vacancy, and once a vacancy exists in that post, the procedure for filling it exists.”

Cabinet can extend her tenure for three years, according to the Police Service Act.