Chrisean says she’s pregnant for ‘Blueface Baby’!!

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Chrisean says she’s pregnant for ‘Blueface Baby’!!

The latest chapter in Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s dysfunctional relationship unfolded on Friday, with Chrisean claiming to be pregnant with Blueface Baby 3rd child.

Rock took to social media to deliver the news, posting a picture of three positive pregnancy tests. “Guess how many heart beats?” she captioned the post.

Hours later, Blueface responded to the announcement via Twitter, saying that “she’s pregnant with somebody else’s child.”

“To answer y’all questions yes me an rock are officially done it’s strictly business I tried it an clearly it wasn’t giving before she announces she’s pregnant with somebody else’s child not mine,” he wrote.

In another tweet, Blueface added, “Rock has had encounters with 10 different men in the last year until I see DNA test then it’s not mine.”

Meanwhile they announced their split on Twitter – however Chrisean went live on Instagram while Blueface was asleep showing her followers that the couple got back together.