Chris Rock receives backlash over Nicole Brown-Simpson joke

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Chris Rock receives backlash over Nicole Brown-Simpson joke

Comedian/Actor, Chris Rock has been getting a lot of backlash after making a joke where he compared getting slapped at the Oscars to the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson — and now her sister is weighing in, and she’s certainly not amused. Rock performed a stand-up show in Phoenix on Sunday where he told fans he would not be returning to the Academy Awards after what transpired back in March.

He said that attending the Oscars again would be like Simpson going “back to the restaurant” where she had left her glass before she was brutally stabbed to death outside of her home in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

Brown deemed the comment as highly inappropriate and insensitive to not just her but the entire family, who continue to grieve the loss of Simpson 28 years after her passing, so when jokes are being made at their expense pertaining to the loss of their loved one, the situation isn’t and never will be a laughing matter to them.