Chris Must List to receive passport today and return home

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Chris Must List to receive passport today and return home

Christopher “Chris Must List” Hughes is expected to receive his passport today and he intends to leave the country within 24 hours.

In a video posted to his Instagram page on Friday, the 45-year-old admitted he was “emotional” when the High Court judge granted him his freedom to travel home during his last court appearance.

“This is the first time it really hit me,” he said in the 88-second-long video.

He said he missed two of his three children’s graduations but will return to Canada for his eldest son’s graduation on Wednesday.

“Monday or Tuesday, I will be at home in Canada with my family. I would just like to say thank you to everybody for the love and support. Today (Friday) went exactly as it should.”

He praised his attorney Pamela Elder, whom he credited for getting all his restrictions removed.

However, Hughes will have to return to T&T for his next court appearance on August 23.

“Freedom is a must,” he said, while pledging to continue to fight to clear his name.

Hughes was charged with sedition by local police on April 3, after videos showed him allegedly interviewing reputed gang members in various parts of the country. He was detained by police on May 28 at Flag Staff, Long Circular, hours before he was scheduled to leave the country.