Chinese woman forced to pay parental maintenance fees

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Chinese woman forced to pay parental maintenance fees

A woman in China who was abandoned by her parents when she was 2 is now being sued by them for parental maintenance fees.

The woman, who is now 29-years-old, was reportedly abandoned as her biological parents could not financially support her.

However, under the Civil Code of China, adult children have a legal obligation to support their parents regardless of estrangement or abandonment.

She went to live with her aunt and her biological parents rarely contacted her throughout her life.

Having grown up with her cousins, whom she considered to be her siblings, she eventually used her savings to help one of them buy a house.

Her biological parents then intervened, saying she should also help her biologicial brother buy a house too.

She refused and it was at this point that her parents decided to take her to court for the parental maintenance fees.

Her estranged parents have filed a lawsuit for 500,000 yuan (approximately US $71,818) and the court has ruled that she must negotiate the amount with her parents and pay the parental maintenance fee.