Chin not expecting a high turnout as cinemas reopen today

Chin not expecting a high turnout as cinemas reopen today

Movietowne owner Derek Chin is realistic and knows that in spite of the reopening of cinemas from today, there will not be a high turnout of patrons.

But, he expects there to be a gradual increase by the weekend.

Speaking to Power 102fm this morning, Chin said they have done everything as far as applying all the necessary health protocols and does not expect that there will be any big rush.


He did reveal that the cinemas will be premiering five brand new movies from today and he hopes that will create some interest. Movietowne Port of Spain, C3 and Tobago, will be the branches in full operation.

Chin, whose Dachin Group of Companies runs a few popular restaurants, like Jaxx and Texas de Brazil, said they are happy to be allowed in-house dining once again, but he is concerned about the restrictions on alcohol as he pointed out that people look forward to having a glass of wine with their meal.
However, he said they will still try to entice those customers by offering specialty non-alcoholic cocktails.

He admitted that they did suffer a lot during the period of shutdown, as curb-side /pick-up service was probably 10% or less of their turnover. But all in all, he said he is happy, especially with having his staff back on track and they earning their wages.