Children’s Authority condemns Skippy’s post with seven-year old girl

Children’s Authority condemns Skippy’s post with seven-year old girl

The Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago has condemned the recent actions of Barrington “Skippy” Thomas on whose Facebook page depicted the photograph of a child, without parental consent, and made misleading representation.

The Authority notes that persons in the media in whatever form, have a duty to ensure responsible coverage of children and their rights. Therefore, it is alarming that an irresponsible action would be committed by someone entrusted to be the voice and ears of the public, which includes children.

The Authority is asking all to refrain from misusing or posting photos of children that infringe on their rights and privacy or inappropriately posting photos and captions that may lead to the exploitation of a child.

The public is also reminded that parental consent is required before posting any image, video, recording or caption of, or related to, a child.

While the advent of social media allows the public the right to express their views, the
Authority is appealing to the public to ensure that their online activities and actions do not
negatively affect children and their well-being.

The picture that “Skippy” posted to his Facebook page, which generated public outrage

The Authority was responding to Thomas’ Facebook post, in which he used the image of a child pictured with Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley to portray a negative stereotype. The mother of the child asked him to remove the image but he refused.

Barrington “Skippy” Thomas is the host of a radio show on a popular radio station in Trinidad.