Children should be given flu vaccine, says Children’s Authority


Children should be given flu vaccine, says Children’s Authority

The Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago is appealing to parents and guardians to ensure their children’s safety from the influenza virus.

In a press release issued this morning, the Authority notes that children, particularly those five years and under, have been categorised by the Ministry of Health as one of the groups vulnerable to the virus. Therefore, all precaution should be taken to ensure their protection.

Last week, the Ministry of Health confirmed that 16 persons had died as a result of the influenza. The Ministry made the revelation through its weekly flu update and advised that over 16,000 vaccines have been administered in health centres across the country.

In an earlier release, the Ministry said that children aged six months to five years, adults over 65, and people with chronic medical and respiratory illnesses are vulnerable to the flu.

The Authority is therefore advising parents, guardians and caregivers that influenza is a serious illness that can be fatal.

As a precautionary measure, parents and guardians should ensure that their children receive the flu vaccine.