Child Protection Unit says no offences committed in respect of video involving boy

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Child Protection Unit says no offences committed in respect of video involving boy

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) said it is aware of a video circulating online, insinuating the abuse of a boy who resides at a Children’s Home in East Trinidad.

However, it said a thorough investigation by officers of the Eastern Division Child Protection Unit (CPU) was launched into the video, which appeared to have surfaced on social media on Sunday 1st November, 2020.

According to a TTPS release, CPU investigators visited the home and interviewed both the administrators and the boy in question to ascertain whether or not any offences may have occurred arising out of the incident featured in the video.

In the video, a child is seen picking up garbage in the rain with his bare hands, under the watchful eyes of a woman who was at the time being recorded by other individuals.

Based on eyewitness reports, along with testimonials from other residents of the home, investigators were able to discover that the child had been displaying unbecoming behaviour for quite some time and the latest incident was a result of the child throwing a bag of rubbish over a wall which tore upon landing on the ground.

The CPU, upon completing its investigation, assured that no offences were committed by the caretakers and/or administrators of the facility and that the child, who has been in the care of the institution for several years, will undergo further interventions in treating with underlying issues.

The CPU is now dissuading members of the public from videotaping minors and posting online.