Child Protection Material Handed Over To NALIS

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Child Protection Material Handed Over To NALIS

The Child Affairs Division continues its sensitization and awareness campaign with the distribution of 2,655 child protection booklets, workbooks and posters to the National Library and Information Systems Authority.

The child protection material consisted of ‘My Book of Rights’, the ‘Mental Health Workbooks’ and posters.

The material will be distributed to the 25 libraries across Trinidad and Tobago and will serve their respective communities.

The educational material features the right and responsibilities of children, mental health tips, games, puzzles and hotline numbers (i.e. Children’s Authority: 996 and TTPS: 999 where persons may report suspected cases of abuse.

This campaign forms part of the Division’s continued effort to safeguard the children of Trinidad and Tobago and put an end to child abuse in all its forms.

The electronic versions of the child protection material are available for download for all children nationwide at: