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Chicago artist turns potholes into artwork…meanwhile in T&T

A Chicago artist is being hailed for turning potholes into works of art by filling them himself and turning them into a mosaic.

Jim Bachor was inspired by mosaics that survived an ancient volcano in Italy and decided to fill potholes in Chicago  with beautiful mosaics.

His mosaic imageries vary from birds and living room scenes to one featuring the face of former U.S. President Donald Trump.

His images have become so recognized that there is a call for the Art Institute of Chicago to fund his work.

Meanwhile in Trinidad….a pothole on George Cabral Street in St James has hit the headlines for its “creative” art work after it was highlighted in a segment by television host Jason Williams.

The pothole is accompanied by an indentation in the road a few metres long along which an aspiring artist has taken it upon himself to draw the outline of male genitalia.

The creative individual was at great pains to capture every detail complete with the requisite and necessary reproductive aspect of the genitalia.

Click here to see the Trini artist’s work