Changes to be made to gov’t exemption policy

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Changes to be made to gov’t exemption policy

Government may soon be changing the rules surrounding the exemption process for returning nationals to this country.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, in a GML interview, said more changes to the policy were coming in the new year and despite all the work being done to bring nationals back home, there will always be “grumbling.”

He said “As we make revisions in the new year, that is no guarantee that the grumbling will be eliminated because these restrictions by their very nature will adversely affect some people more than others.”

Rowley told the media house: “Picking on my family or the minister does not change the facts that once the border is closed and we are managing the inflow, there will be enough stories and grumbling and lies to fill the many voids.”

He said there will always be criticism of himself and his Government but that would not change the fact that his government will continue to do its best as they protect the national population in a very difficult situation.

“I did say a few weeks ago that the borders and the schools are our biggest managed challenges. That remains so,” he said.

Rowley has received flack over the return of his daughter Dr Sonel Rowley-Stewart, who applied for her exemption on November 4, and was granted an exemption to return from New York on December 16.