Chairman Lynch Scolds Paria Over Late Documents

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Chairman Lynch Scolds Paria Over Late Documents

Chairman of the Commission of Enquiry into the Paria diving tragedy, Jerome Lynch, expressed dissatisfaction with the late arrival of documents from Paria Fuel Trading Limited.

Commissioner Lynch said on April 22nd this year Paria was asked to provide the documents.

On July 19th the Commission wrote to the company on the issue.


Several reminders were sent to the company but the only recently the Commission started to receive some of the documents and is not sure if additional documents will be provided.

Chairman Lynch said as a result of the situation there will be no sitting of the Commission on Tuesday.

However, two witnesses are scheduled to take the stand on Wednesday.

Attorney for Paria, Gilbert Peterson, responded to the concerns raised by Commissioner Lynch and promised to make enquiries.

Chairman Lynch made it clear he was not about blaming anyone for the development but described the situation as unacceptable as the Commission wants to maintain its time scheduled.