Chaguanas yet to receive Carnival funding

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Chaguanas yet to receive Carnival funding

The National Carnival Commission (NCC) has yet to provide funding for the Central district for Carnival 2023.

This revelation was made by Chaguanas Mayor Faaiq Mohammed.

He said organisers of Carnival in central Trinidad met with the NCC in December 2022 with a request for $400,000 and since then there has been no word.

Mohammed said the intent was to group Central – Chaguanas, Couva and Carapichaima.
But he said: “What they wanted each of these areas to do is choose an event to host for Carnival. Chaguanas is known to host kiddies Carnival, J’ouvert and the downtown Parade of the Bands. NCC hasn’t got back on to this date to the committees.”

He said their current plans are still subject to change depending on what NCC says.

“We applied for approximately $400,000 in funding and to this day we haven’t gotten any confirmation of funding from NCC, so I hope that this issue is resolved soon.”

Chaguanas plans to have their launch on February 4th and Mohammed said this is now the 11th hour.

He said: I spoke to the chairman of the committee, Ms Renee Bailey and she said that we will plan and continue to go ahead and we’ll try to make things work out well. With corporate Chaguanas, they always come to our aid when we need them and definitely we will be seeking their assistance as well, because what you get from the National Committee only sustains us for so much, after that you need private sponsorship.”