CDA Ready And Willing To Hold Talks With Daily Rated Workers

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CDA Ready And Willing To Hold Talks With Daily Rated Workers

The Chaguaramas Development Authority says it is ready and willing, once again, to meet with the Daily Rated workers to discuss their complaints.

On Tuesday, approximately 20 Daily Paid Workers staged a protest in front of the CDA’s Head Office.

CDA staff members of the National Union of Government and Federated Workers’ were protesting issues including their sick leave bonus, the permanent cadre and conditions at their work place.

CDA’s Industrial Relations Consultant, Akido Keith, who was at the scene of the demonstration indicated there were NO NUGFW representatives present during the members’ protest.

The NUGFW’s President General, James Lambert, indicated he was also not aware of the actions taken by the Daily Paid workers.

Presently, the CDA has no Trade Dispute with the Union.

Keith also indicated the CDA’s Management team was already in discussion with the Union toward bringing resolution to current matters such as the Permanent cadre.

The CDA said it was quite surprised by the actions taken by the workers as the matters raised are being addressed.

It added with regard to the sick leave bonus the Human Resource Department is currently verifying the list of persons entitled to a bonus.