CCTV shows armed robbery at St. Charles Church Tunapuna

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CCTV shows armed robbery at St. Charles Church Tunapuna

Police are investigating an armed robbery, which took place outside the sacristy of the St. Charles Church at 10:30 this morning.

Reports are that three members of the church, identified as Julian, Lucy Regis and Rhonda Dookwah were approached by two young men who then drew guns and proceeded to rob them of cash phone and jewellery.

The following is an account from a witness:-
Fr. Taylor was in office and heard someone shouting “In The Name of Jesus!” repeatedly.
As he looked out the window he could see one man draw a gun and point it at the three victims.

Sister Lucy continued to shout the name of Jesus until Fr. Ian ran out of the office.
However, Julian informed that the men had already fled on foot.
Sister Louise McKenzie who was walking up the lot at the time reportedly ran to the Eastern Main Road where Police officers on patrol were flagged down. The officers quickly ran to either side of the church and pursued the men on foot. The bandits jumped into a waiting white car and sped off.

First video is the armed robbery. Second video is the police in pursuit.