Caura Hospital full to the max! No space left

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Caura Hospital full to the max! No space left

Principal Medical Officer at the Ministry of Health, Dr Maryam Abdool-Richards, today revealed that the Caura Hosptial which has been used to house some COVID-19 positive patients is now full to the max.

Speaking at the Diplomatic Centre in St. Ann’s, Dr, Abdool-Ricards this afternoon, said the country’s parallel health care system is running critically low – she said the Caura hospital is outfitted to have just over 100 patients, however it currently houses 98 patients.

Current Hospital Capacity Breakdown in Trinidad & Tobago:
Caura Hospital – 98%
Couva Hospital – 75%
Augustus Long – 100%
Arima General – 60%

Dr, Abdool-Ricards said while the word ‘beds’ is being used a patient does not need a bed alone, there also has to be medical persons assigned to patients in addition to medical equipment and PPE gear.