Catch chocolate enters Mediterranean market

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Catch chocolate enters Mediterranean market

Associated Brands Industries Limited (ABIL) is excited to announce that its signature candy bar CATCH from the Charles Chocolates Division will be sold and distributed in the Republic of Cyprus from September 2021.

ABIL Group CEO/Deputy Chairman Nicholas Lok Jack made the announcement via a meeting with Minister of Trade and Industry, Paula Gopee-Scoon, and Tricia Coosal, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association (TTMA) on Friday 25th June 2021 at the ABIL head office.

CATCH is currently sold in parts of North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean region, Ireland and Malta.

Speaking at the meeting where all COVID-19 protocols were observed, Nicholas Lok Jack said, “We are excited about entering this new market, as we have been seeking new avenues for the expansion and development of the CATCH brand with tremendous success. Cyprus is an attractive market for us as we continue to penetrate in the European and Middle Eastern regions. Cyprus is our third European market for Catch, joining Ireland and Malta where we market the Catch brand and it will not be the last.”

David Tabone, Chief Executive Officer, Tryfon Tseriotis said, “We are excited to launch Catch in Cyprus and we look forward to a long and successful relationship with Associated Brands.”


Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon, said citizens of Trinidad and Tobago can feel a sense of pride as a local product can now be found on anotherMediterranean island, “A chocolate such as CATCH entering a new business market in Cyprus is a great accomplishment for not only Associated Brands, but for us as a country. We feel extremely proud of this new venture, and I know the company has been working tirelessly to increase its presence internationally for some time now. For those Trinbagonians living overseas when you see a local product on a grocery shelf it brings back so many memories of your home country and now you get to experience a little bit of home closer to you.”


Mr. Lok Jack said the COVID-19 pandemic fueled the company’s thrust for diversification of markets that was already in progress, “As a manufacturer we believe that we could increase market share on an international scale, and through persistence and research we looked at different markets and we were able to meet with some potential distributors virtually to secure new business for the company.”


For TTMA President Tricia Coosal, this new endeavour is intended to serve as an impetus to local manufacturers who are looking for opportunities to branch out, “We want to use the CATCH-Cyprus initiative as a motivation for all our manufacturers who have been adversely affected by the pandemic. We know it has been a difficult time, but this new venture gives us hope and encouragement about the possibilities that lie ahead.”


Mr. Lok Jack said both the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the TTMA have provided tremendous support to the manufacturing sector, “Like other manufacturers, we have had a challenging time dealing with the effects of the pandemic, and we acknowledge the efforts that have been made in dealing with a crisis of this magnitude. Associated Brands would like to thank the Ministry of Trade and the TTMA for their support during this time. We hope that by entering the Cyprus business market, it inspires local manufacturers to formulate business plans which target international prospects.”


Mr. Lok Jack also recognized the commitment and dedication of ABIL’s team members who made the shipment possible by working through an uncertain period to deliver the order.  In the same light, he praised all medical frontline caregivers and volunteers who care for those affected by COVID-19, and are striving daily to ensure our lives return to normal.