Caroni East MP slams PM for casting blame on Central Trinidad

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Caroni East MP slams PM for casting blame on Central Trinidad

Caroni East MP, Rishad Seecheran, has slammed the Prime Minister for his attempt to deflect from a non-performing Minister of National Security, by asserting that illegal migration from Venezuela is being fueled by the illicit sex trade, and more specifically the illicit sex trade in the Borough of Chaguanas.

He said the Prime Minister refused to answer why a vessel filled with persons seeking refuge was fired upon by the Coast Guard of Trinidad and Tobago. The question remains, “Why did the Coast Guard resort to deadly force, to apprehend a vessel with women and children on board?”

Seecheran added: “The Prime Minister also sought to cast aspersions on the citizens of the Chaguanas Borough, who have been besieged by crime under his administration. Earlier in the pandemic, the residents of Central Trinidad were labelled by officials of the Ministry of Health as fueling the spread of Covid-19.
“Instead of blaming the Maduro dictatorship for the hardships that have caused millions to flee Venezuela, Prime Minister Rowley focused blame on the Borough of Chaguanas. As of October 2021, a combination of violence, insecurity and a lack of food, medicine, and other services, has resulted in more than 5.9 million Venezuelans having to flee the country, creating one of the largest displacement crises in the world.”

According to Seecheran, more than 80 per cent fled to other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, with Colombia and Peru home to the majority. Public hospitals in Venezuela suffer frequent blackouts and routinely lack running water and basic equipment such as oxygen tanks, according to local medical associations.

He said, “I support my Leader’s call for an investigation into the callous murder of an infant in our country’s territorial waters. Authoritative force has become the norm under this Rowley Administration. I call on the Prime Minister to apologize to the people of the Borough of Chaguanas and by extension the entire nation. Trinidad and Tobago deserves better than that PM Rowley.”