Carnicon – ‘The Global Carnival Convention’


Carnicon – ‘The Global Carnival Convention’

Very soon all carnival entrepreneurs, businessmen and women will be exposed to something new and exciting; something in comparison to Comic Con.

On Friday 8th November at NAPA in Port-of-Spain, Carnicon was launched for the world to see Carnival from all aspects and not just from one country.

Carnicon is a gathering of all players within the Carnival industry which will be showcased on an international level. 

Carnicon will be a , B2B, gathering of all players within the global Carnival industry, hosted by the home of Carnival, Trinidad & Tobago.

Chairman of the Trinidad Tourism Ltd., Howard Chin Lee spoke about Caricon’s importance for the growth of T&T’s tourism status and ensuring that the title of ‘The Mecca of Carnival’ stays within the shores of Trinidad and Tobago.

The inaugural Convention takes place in 2020.

Tribe Group of Companies Managing Director Dean Akin also spoke about Carnicon’s importance to Carnival and the benefits of gelling with other countries.