CARICOM Seeks Fair Vaccine Accessibility for Caribbean Countries


CARICOM Seeks Fair Vaccine Accessibility for Caribbean Countries

Last Friday, St Kitts and Nevis, Prime Minister, Dr. Timothy Harris approached the United States and other antibody creating nations to guarantee the fair circulation of the immunization expected to control the spread of the Covid19 that has killed a great many individuals in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) gathering.

Harris, who additionally has the lead obligation regarding Health inside the semi-CARICOM Bureau, said more prominent exertion is required from bigger nations with more noteworthy assets, similar to the United States, to guarantee the fair conveyance of immunizations internationally, and especially inside CARICOM.

“The US is the most important partner to the CARICOM member states, and St. Kitts and Nevis in particular. It supplies us with the largest intake of tourists, and it is the market for most of what we export,” Harris said on the US-based Bloomberg QuickTake, a global streaming news network.

“What we really would have loved to see is that the US would have shown early leadership in terms of support to the region as we fight a most dangerous pandemic. The US at this moment has excess vaccines.

“The Caribbean region needs vaccines desperately and in the short term, we would require the United States of America to make a portion of those excess vaccines available to CARICOM member states, including St. Kitts and Nevis,” Prime Minister Harris said.

Harris told the program that his twin-island Federation’s inoculation interaction is advancing sensibly well, regardless of certain degrees of antibody reluctance among the populace.

“We have about 42 percent of our target population covered; covered meaning they at least had their first shot of the vaccine. The vaccine of choice here is the AstraZeneca vaccine and that is of course a two-dose regime.

“So, we are moving on the path of getting to the target population which is 70 percent of our population. We still have a significant journey to go but we are satisfied to date that in the short of some 10 weeks we have been able to cover 42 percent of the target,” he stated.

PM Harris said that as the Federation moves towards its immunization focus of 70% he will proceed with his promotion for the benefit of the more extensive Caribbean locale for the impartial appropriation of antibodies.

Recently, Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley, talking at the Grantley Adams International Airport during a handover service of 33,600 COVID-19 antibodies under the COVAX Facility, repeated the requirement for a worldwide culmination on the accessibility of COVID-19 immunizations.

PM Mottley said, “If ever there was a need for the world to stand up and recognize that we need a global summit for coordinated action with respect to how we treat to the COVID pandemic, how we treat to the equitable distribution of vaccines, how we treat to the restricted movement of people and countries in a coordinated way to give the global community the best chance of putting this behind us, it is now.”

“In the spring meetings that just concluded for the World Bank and the IMF, we were clear that there is going to be no serious global recovery economically until we wrestle COVID-19 to the ground. We cannot wrestle COVID-19 to the ground unless there is vaccine equity and unless there are coordinated actions across countries and not by single countries one by one,” she added.

PM Mottley demanded that at the worldwide level, there was nothing preventing pioneers from facilitating a worldwide highest point, other than themselves.