Cardi B under fire for Hindu goddess Durga photos

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Cardi B under fire for Hindu goddess Durga photos

U.S rapper, Cardi B paid homage to Hindu goddess Durga in a new photo to promote her Reebok collaboration.

The 28-year-old rapper channeled the goddess of war, strength and protection, who is depicted as a warrior woman with eight hands, in one of promo photos for her new sneaker collection.

In the photo taken for Footwear News, the Bronx queen sported ten hands in different positions while holding a red shoe. She glams up in a gorgeous red Georges Hobeika dress with a bustier top and puffy tiered frock.

In another image, she wears the same dress while stretching her two arms to hold a pair of sneakers, flashing her tattoos on her inner arms. She sports bright pink eyeshadow and maroon lipstick, with long red nails.

However these images have created a stir amongst her Hindi fans who said she used the goddess of war inappropriately and mocked their religion.

Cardi responded to her fans on her IG stories saying she was told by the photographer that he wanted her to portray a goddess but he never explained it to her exactly who the goddess was.

She apologised and said she will do her research next time before a photographer asks her to do a shoot.