Cardi B pulls out of lead role in Paramount film

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Cardi B pulls out of lead role in Paramount film

CardiB has pulled out of her first lead acting role, putting the highly anticipated film on the shelf, at least temporarily.

Last January, it was announced that the “Be Careful” star had landed the starring role as Amber in the Thembi Banks directed comedy, “Assisted Living.” The film would follow Amber as she goes on the run inside a retirement home, disguising herself as her grandmother. However, just a week before filming began, the 29-year-old backed away from the flick due to an “overextended” work schedule.

The #Grammy-award-winning rapper is hard at work on her highly anticipated sophomore album, slated to be released this year. In addition to music, she also stars in her Facebook Watch docu-series titled “Cardi B Tries,” which follows her as she tries different occupations and hobbies. She is also the visionary behind her popular Reebok collaboration and the first-ever creative director at Playboy. Needless to say, her schedule is jam-packed, so an abrupt pause on her acting endeavor is understandable.

Temple Hill was producing the movie for Paramount Players, which had to inform the cast and crew members that the film was canceled, at least for the time being.