Cardi B and Offset are vacationing in Jamaica

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Cardi B and Offset are vacationing in Jamaica

Cardi B and Offset are in Jamaica for the Migos rapper’s 31st birthday celebrations. On Tuesday, Cardi B shared that she and Offset were in the tropical paradise to celebrate his big day on December 14.

In a series of Instagram Stories, Cardi B showed off her nails as she and Offset got ready in their jet to go to Jamaica. In another story, she captioned a video, “My birthday love,” which showed Offset up close for the first time since his cousin and Migos member Takeoff had been killed.

In other videos, Cardi showed Offset standing by the ocean side smoking, and she also gave a view of the lush greenery. In other posts, Cardi gets adventurous as she reveals her glowing suntanned skin while riding around in a go-cart with Offset.

“Ketch di island, we on di island,” Offset says in the video in response to Cardi B saying that she was scared. The couple also appeared to have visited the popular tourist attraction Dunns River Falls, but while Offset seemed ready to climb the falls, Cardi was not up for it.

“Aww hell no,” Cardi repeats after Offset, who is seen plunging into the river water which was probably cold.

The Bronx beauty also shared a video with Offset and herself sipping cold coconut water while they enjoyed some Jamaican food with her sister Hennessy Carolina who was there too.

It’s unclear if the children visited but Offset also shared stories on his Instagram account. One of them featured Cardi B’s bikini and cover-up with Wale’s “Bag of Money” playing in the background.

It’s been a particularly tough time for Cardi B and Offset since Takeof’s death on November 1 last month.

This week, the rapper revealed a tribute to his late cousin, who spoke about his love for Takeoff. In a recent concert, the rapper revealed that he will continue to honor Takeoff at the beginning of his shows with the Jackson 5’s 1971 classic song “Never Can Say Goodbye” at the beginning of his set.

It’s good to see Offset smiling again after revealing that he has been in a dark place since the passing of Takeoff.