Cardi B and Marsai Martin learn magic tricks on ‘Cardi Tries’

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Cardi B and Marsai Martin learn magic tricks on ‘Cardi Tries’

Cardi B is putting on her brave hat, or rather her magician’s hat, as she tries her hand at being a magician in her latest Instagram Series, Cardi Tries.

A trailer for the new episode sees the Bronx rapper teaming up with black-ish star Marsai Martin as they head to Los Angeles’ Magic Castle to explore the world of magic!

In the video, Cardi B is seen in a get-up magician apparently wears as she and Marsai try to learn about all the tricks of the magic trade.

“I’m, like, kind of scared to find out if magic is real,” a nervous Cardi tells Marsai at the start of the episode. Both she and Marsai had questions about the tricks.

“Like sometimes I wonder if people learn how to do tricks or if people are born with certain type of ability?” When Martin ponders where people go when they disappear during magic tricks, Cardi feels her confusion, asking, “like, do you go get a drink?”

The new episode began airing at noon on Friday, April 1. Cardi B can be seen in her pink tux with coattails and a matching top hat as she enters the famed magic mansion, which she describes as smelling “like a haunted house.”

Cardi B and Marsai soon learn their first trick from Evan the Card Guy, who shows them one of his classic card tricks.

The celebs also get a history of the mansion and a lesson on the first Black female magician as well as their magician names, “Marciago” for Martin and, for Cardi, her own full, real name, “Belcalis Almanzar”, which many have joked sounds like a spooky incantation.

Of course, being a magician isn’t complete without learning how to see a person in half trick, which Marsai nervously watches while Cardi seeks to legally protect herself.

“Wait, so I’m gonna be cut in half in front of people?” Marsai asked Cardi whether there were waivers they needed to sign before attempting the trick.

Cardi Tries has seen the actress and rapper try her hands at several new things, including tattooing her husband Offset, cooking thanksgiving dinner, officiating a wedding, and just last week, she went fishing with Keke Palmer on the series.