Cannabis Company Director denies business links to AG

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Cannabis Company Director denies business links to AG

West Indian Cannabis Company Director Christopher Moses has denied any business dealings with the Attorney General Faris Al Rawi. The following is the statement Mr. Moses issued on social media:

My name is Christopher Moses; back in February of this year, I did in fact register a company, West Indian Cannabis Co LTD (WICC)

Please check out our website at Our business is in apparel!

Our team believes a global cannabis apparel brand is prime to emerge from the Caribbean region and in preparation of this movement we have been in the process of building an apparel brand and a news forum to centralize all of the medical marijuana industry related news and press throughout the region.

While we are still in the pre-execution stage of this venture; in light of today’s social media blast our group feels it be imperative to state the facts to dispel any rumors or assumptions made by certain persons.

In pursuit of building an apparel line named WICC (West Indian Cannabis Co) I knew I would need a partner with the experience and know how required to make this a successful venture.

Easily enough, I turned to and aligned myself with my own family, GV Holdings, based in Trinidad, who have been in the textile and garment industry for over 40 years who have successfully created many mass market brands regionally over the years including household names such as Rossi.

Further to the above, I categorically state that I have no business dealings with Faris Al-Rawi whatsoever. I do not, nor did I discuss my business with him as I have NO financial relationship with him. I do not posses any inside information pertaining to the cannabis industry as it comes to the fore in T&T and region wide.

Our business in apparel certainly could not – to any right minded person – feature in the deplorable allegations being made.

The whole world, and certainly the Caribbean, which market we serve in apparel, are way ahead of the current developments being discussed in Trinidad and Tobago.

Any attempts to discredit my name, this venture, or my partners involved is unwarranted, misleading and can only be described as scandalous, untruthful, and undoubtedly politically motivated attempt to provoke a reaction.

We invite anyone who is an advocate for the decriminalization and proliferation of medical marijuana literature and information to join us at the launch of our West Indian Cannabis Co. Ltd clothing apparel line, next week Friday December 20th: at THC (The Hideout Clothing Co.) located on the 3rd floor of Long Circular Mall

Visit us and check out the variety of WICC apparel; which will also make for a great gift over the upcoming high holidays.

God bless Trinidad & Tobago and more importantly, God bless those who try to destroy it with envy, hate, and division.