Cancer patient commits suicide at hospital

Cancer patient commits suicide at hospital

A lung cancer patient is reported to have committed suicide by jumping off the second floor of the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC), Mt Hope on Thursday.

Reports indicate that around 8:00am, Keith Rahaman, 61, of Schuller Street in Laventille, jumped off the second ward, surgical ward 4 at the Mt Hope Hospital.

Keith Rahaman is believed to have removed two louvres from a window, climbed onto the balcony and jumped to his death

He was initially warded at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital but was transferred to Mt Hope on May 28.

He was diagnosed with lung cancer on June 1.

According to relatives, Rahaman was a chain smoker and began experiencing shortness of breath which led to him being admitted to the hospital. 

Relatives said Rahaman complained that he was not treated well by the staff. 

They described one incident in which he defecated himself, and the staff did not clean him. 

Relatives have since expressed their dissatisfied with the way the nurses treated him. 

Although no definite word has been given on how he jumped, one source at the hospital said Rahaman removed two louvres from a window and climbed onto the balcony.

The EWMSC is yet to put out a statement on the incident.

Rahaman was a father of four.


*Photo: Alert T&T