Camille sends condolences to murder-suicide victims’ family, urges men to seek help

Camille sends condolences to murder-suicide victims’ family, urges men to seek help

Seek out the help that is readily available.

This was the plea by Camille Robinson-Regis, the Minister of Social Development and Family Services as she urged citizens to get help if they find themselves unable to cope with their life situations.

She noted that the ability to acknowledge the need for help is a sign of strength and not weakness, and extended her appeal to families and friends of troubled persons, to avail themselves of the opportunities for assistance provided by the Ministry.

She expressed condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Michael Maynard and his daughter, Makisha, both of whom died yesterday. It is alleged that Mr. Maynard committed suicide after realising that he had fatally beaten his daughter.

Robinson-Regis confirmed that the Ministry’s National Family Services had already begun the process of contacting the family to provide counselling support. Such support, she said, continues to be made free of charge to individuals and households.

Meanwhile, the Ministry is currently engaged in a number of community outreach caravans throughout the country, with the next one scheduled to take place tomorrow, Wednesday February 12,  in the Pinto Road community in Arima.

These caravans, she indicated, are designed to bring the Ministry’s services closer to the communities, and sensitize residents as to the multiplicity of services that are available, all free of charge.

Minister Robinson-Regis made a special appeal to the male population to seek out the help they needed in raising their children. Issues arising out of the failure to manage anger and intimate partner violence, she said, are becoming increasingly prevalent, and more men are being identified as perpetrators.

Other services which provide counselling and psycho-social support include the Ministry’s annual cycles of community-based parenting workshops that are held across various districts and which are tailored to equip participants with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to treat with issues including adolescence, bullying, trends in technology and teenage pregnancy.