Callender: DSS a matter for the State, not the PSA

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Callender: DSS a matter for the State, not the PSA

Nixon Callender, Watson Duke’s competitor for the PSA presidential race, has slammed Duke for his support of the Drugs Sou Sou (DSS).

In response to Duke’s social media post on Tuesday morning, in which he called DSS founder Kerron Clarke the vessel that carries the dreams of poor people, Callender called it all an “insane rant” and has distanced the PSA from both Duke and the DSS.

During his post, Duke also posed an ultimatum to the Prime Minister to have the recently seized DSS money returned, or he would “mobilise the marish and the parish” to get the money back.

But Callender said: “Duke stands only to represent himself or the political party, the PDP. “He cannot speak on behalf of the PSA.”

He said: “Should there be any member or members of the PSA who has money invested in DSS, that is a matter of their own individual choice, and their investment stands to either gain or to lose.”

Callender added that the issues surrounding DSS are a matter for the DSS and the State, and the PSA had no horse in that race.

He said the PSA’s general council, has neither endorsed nor taken any other decision in support of or against DSS.

The PSA elections will be held on November 23.