CAL: Customers affected by pilot sickout will get refunds!

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CAL: Customers affected by pilot sickout will get refunds!

Caribbean Airlines passengers who were adversely affected by Sunday’s pilot sickout will be refunded.

This is according to CAL’s CEO Garvin Medera.

74 pilots reported sick on Sunday, causing 56 of its 84 scheduled flights to be cancelled.

It resulted in thousands of domestic and international travellers being left stranded at the Piarco and ANR Robinson airports.

Speaking during a media conference this morning, Madera said that they have created several teams ti focus on refunds in particular and they would reassign priorities in certain divisions.

He encouraged affected CAL customers to contact their call centers in with their requests.

He said along with the refunds customers would also be given credits to be used in the future.

He articulated that there was one challenge in issuing the refunds and credits and that lay with customers who booked with travel agents.

Madera explained this made it difficult for the airline to contact these customers and encouraged them to reach out to the airline’s call center.