CAFD Students Create Fashionable MAS

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CAFD Students Create Fashionable MAS

Patterned after the best fashion design schools in the world, The Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design at the University of Trinidad and Tobago (CAFD) is the only school of its sort in the Caribbean. With the joint effort of experts from Paris, London and New York, CAFD trains future designers and creatives in the critical workmanship and business of design with the continued drive towards building an emerging fashion industry in the West Indies.

This year, students of the faculty participated in CAFD’s Fashionable MAS competition. Various students from year 1 to 4 were asked to design and construct costumes under two (2) categories, which were: CATEGORY 1-Traditional Mas Carnival 2021 /THEMES: historical, fauna & flora of T&T, creative original and cultural. Also, CATEGORY 2-Fashionable Mas 2021 /THEMES: historical, Creative original, Cultural, Futuristic, and Movies.

Guided by UTT’s Fashion Design Programme Leader, Ms. Sandra Carr. Participants received technical assistance from both Ms. Serrao and Mr. Halfhide, who are also a part of the CAFD faculty of lecturers.

The judging criteria for the Fashionable MAS competition were as follows; Visual Impact, Creativity, Authenticity, Relation to Theme, and Presentation.

Take a look at the work the students produced:

‘SHE DEVIL’ by Haneesa Sirju, Akeem Stanley and Luchrisia Francis

FEMININITY by Meiling Mack

FUTURISTIC by Jeveicia Lukhur

LA DONCELLA ROJA by Mikaella Hill

NIRVANA by Celeste Ross & Jabari Ayinde Taitt


PHEONIX by Kelly-Ann Crichton and Jemima Serrano


First prize- Meiling Mack $3,000 FastionTT

Second Prize- Mikaella Hill 10 inch Tablet by Bmobile

Third Prize- Karina Sandy- 7 inch Tablet by Wizz Computers