Criminals out: Thieves rob stores in POS during lockdown

Criminals out: Thieves rob stores in POS during lockdown

It seems that crime is thriving since the new ‘lockdown’ measures implemented by the Government to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus have been instituted.

Although certain stores are closed until the ban is lifted on April 30th, many are still opened until the regulated times. But, bandits are using the loophole to loot stores, and steal items from several businesses in the Port-of-Spain area.

Several stores lost their stock while some lost half of their goods. The criminals appear to cutting sections of the walls of businesses to enter, and steal the goods in batches.

A source said, “Crime is thriving at this time and the “poor man” criminals continue to live better than much of the country.”

Between April 3rd-6th, five stores have been affected looting:

1. PNY Variety Store, Charlotte Street (burglarised—substantial loss)

2. Suzanna’s, Charlotte Street (burglarised—substantial loss)

3. Yip’s Branch Store, Prince Street (partially burglarised)

4. Construction site at Prince and Charlotte Streets (looted out completely)

5. Lucky Dollar on Henry and Prince Streets (one window smashed)